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Healthcare Software Development Services
For more than 10 years Enbisys has worked on Healthcare Web and Mobile
solutions including Electronic Healthcare Systems (EHRs), Pharmacy Management Systems,
claim and billing systems and many more
We assist leading Healthcare Organisations in Europe to offer better services for their patients and integrate their data with external information systems smoothly
Healthcare Institutions and providers have been implementing IT in their processes for a long time already. Given the efficiency of different applications more Medical Companies tend to create and enhance their technology base with innovative solutions.

We support our Clients from medical sector with complete development, maintenance, scaling up and support of their Product. We approach all specified protocols to integrate Products with existing Healthcare systems.
Healthcare and
Following all the required protocols and industry standards we
create clearly functioning solution to the benefit
of all stakeholders
Our services
We work with clinical and administrative workflows and structured medical data such as ADT, laboratory results, observations, medication orders, billing
We follow common healthcare industry standards and nomenclatures: UB, ICD, CPT, DSM, SNOMED, LOINC, NCD, RxNorm, DiagnosisRx, and radiology imaging (DICOM)
We've got expertise in building secure Digital Health Solutions in the cloud environment
We use cutting edge technologies to build secured easy to use Web / Cloud based Solutions. We introduce specific algorithms to process Medical data for
Decision Support Systems and Laboratory results analysis
Over the past 3 years, machine learning has taken center stage as a technology of the future. It has been proven to be more accurate than humans at almost every Visual Inspection, Decision Support and Predictive Analytics tasks in Healthcare. As a result, it is possible for Institutions to take advantage of such technology to improve the service and cut costs.

At ENBISYS AI Research department our software engineers and data scientists with majors in Artificial Intelligence and ML (Machine Learning) / DL (Deep Learning) develop specific solutions for Medical Laboratories and HIS, enabling them to benefit extremely from using it.

AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare
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